Welcome to ConventionPredators.com! We function as a site to raise awareness about the dangerous underbelly of the Cosplaying Convention scene: rape culture.

Over the past few decades, conventions have become a great way for young adults and families to have fun with other people who enjoy the same things that they do, including celebrity guests, fun panels, and cosplaying! As a result, there will be many young teens entering the scene this season, as popularity has grown exponentially with the ease of access to things like anime, video games, and TV shows.

However, there unfortunately is a problem.

With conventions comes partying- from raves to room parties to masquerades, a bit of scandal is present at every con. While a dance between lovers in the dark is certainly no cause for alarm, often times there are those that will take it much further than their partner ever would accept.

There are those that ask to have a drink with a lady, then suddenly pull her into a room to violate her.
There are those that consider an outfit and a few drinks reason enough to grab the thighs of an unsuspecting victim and pin her against a booth, to spout lewd, sexual comments, and to grasp the personal regions of strangers for laughs.
Some merely meet their victims at cons, posing as a charming, although older, men looking for a young teenager, “mature for her age”, slowly twisting that girl into the perfect slave- the ideal victim.
Those with money and power will use it to twist their victims into keeping quiet- intimidating underage girls into not filing police reports because they got them drunk.
Some will even spike their victim’s drinks to loosen them up before they exact their demands.

We have the ability to stop this.

By publishing the encounters that occur at conventions, we can encourage girls to have the ability to know whether the guy offering them a drink has slipped something extra in others’. We can give survivors the strength to file police reports. We can pout a spotlight on all those that paid good money to keep people quiet.

We can make conventions safe from predators, not safe FOR predators.

By entering this site, you acknowledge that the authors of this site hold no legal liability for the impact that posting the stories of victims has on those that didn’t consider the impact that assault would have on the victims. By accessing the stories of the victims, you recognize that attempting to find and silence any past victims is a felony in all of the states of the Midwest for tampering with/intimidating a witness/victim. If you acknowledge all of the above, feel free to access the site. We hold no liability were you to access the site anyways without reading this, as the merely accessing the site would bind you to this clause.