Colton Birdsall

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Target: Adults and inappropriately touches minors as well

Methods: Uses physical intimidation to sexually assault people.

Abstract:  Colton Birdsall seems like a chill guy, certainly! He makes a show of his very heavy Thor hammer at conventions. Don’t be fooled- when Colton is told “no”, he is extremely violent. Very much the physically intimidating type and very apt to use that strength.

As of 9/2/16, Colton has been informed of the address of an individual who filed a police report on him, and is resuming the stalking of her. He has also claimed that she came to his house and slashed his tires, when she has a monitor on her car and reciepts that show she was at work before the alleged incident, drove to therapy, and has a therapy log to prove that she was at therapy during the alleged tires slashing incident. Additionally, some witnesses drove past his house to find that his tires had not been slashed.


From one staff member of a convention:

“I’ve had two reports and I know of 4 others. Not to mention his touching of minors. He’s a fake humble. You tell him no? BAM! Violent behavior, threatening and stalking. Tons of reports came in for him at Anime Iowa– he was supposed to be banned from it as a result, but nobody acted on it. He got handsy with minors at Nebkon (he’s 28) and he had 3 minors run away from Anime Iowa because he touched them inappropriately. He tried to grab and beat me too, once. He’s a damn good faker.

A Police report filed against him:


Threat level: High. Multiple victims of both physical and sexual assault.