Eric Epperson

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Target: Pre-teen and Teenage girls

Methods: Highly abusive. Seems like the cool, sensitive type, but once he’s trapped his victim he threatens to kill himself were they to leave, forcing them to propose to him. Rapes transgender people and queer people to turn them, I quote, “Eppersexual”.

AbstractEric Epperson is a slimeball that conspires with other abusive people (Like Max Carter) to trap his victims of abuse, raping people on the side of those relationships. He threatens violence were his victims to not sexually satisfy him. His family is complicit in this, acting as a cult. His mother and younger sister have gloated that he has a magical penis, able to turn asexuals and lesbians. He has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, convincing his victims that he is, in fact, a god, and will smite them were they to abandon him. He gaslights his victims heavily, with the goal of conditioning them to be his personal slaves. He has never dated anybody past the age of 18- he is turned off at that point. His youngest age of interest is 13.


From one of his first victims, Ren Drincic:

He’s approximately 6’2. He’s very thin, weighing in at about 135 pounds.

What happens with him usually

  • He shames people, especially girls*, behind their backs by calling them “easy” and “slutty”
  • He has said that he likes to “imagine how [he]’d fuck every new girl* [he meets] in detail”
  • His definition of girl* is “anyone with a vagina” which is very transphobic and he misgenders trans men and dfab nonbinaries maliciously, stating they’re only like that because he hasn’t fucked them yet. Every time I say girls* after this please remember that is what the asterisk denotes.
  • He harasses pretty much anyone at cons and has been banned from Nebraska Midwest Homestuck meetups due to sexually harassing a significant amount of the members and literally vaginally raping at least three (only three have publicly come out, that is).
  • He “doesn’t do” safe words – those are for “little bitches”
  • He tells you when he has your consent (as opposed to asking for it or waiting for it)
  • He will verbally and emotionally abuse people for sexual favors, from blowjobs to nude pictures (which he demanded from me when I was legally a minor)
  • Goes on to shame said people by calling them “Thirsty” or “Sluts” regardless of if he even had their consent for what went down
  • Seeks underage targets (typically high schoolers) because he has more control over them than over older people.
  • Often targets the mentally unstable (those with major depression, borderline personality disorder, autism, etc)
  • Often targets queer people (especially lesbians, asexuals, and trans men/dfab nonbinaries)

What happened with me

  • Denied my asexuality and tried to turn me into an “Eppersexual”.
  • Told me I was “just asking for it” when it came to sex, and that me saying things like “I’m fascinated by physiology and anatomy!” told him that I was “kinky” and “leading [him] on”
  • Groped me without consent in public as a “joke” and laughed about my position as his sex slave in front of his friends
  • Corralled me into being his girlfriend 2 days after I met him, and said that he loved me more than anyone he had ever dated less than a week after that.
  • Made me give him a handjob less than two weeks into knowing him to “prove my love” and used that as proof that I “wanted the D” (I didn’t)
  • Made me have sex with him in a month (again, to prove that I REALLY loved him) and forced me to say yes so it “TOTALLY WASN’T RAPE BECAUSE THE WORD YES CAME OUT OF HER MOUTH” by saying shit like “You totally want me! Don’t be a tease!! Don’t you love me??? I’m depressed so I need this!!!”
  • Verbally berated me on a daily basis
  • Demanded that people “owed” him sexual favors
  • Cheated on me multiple times and forced me to stay afterwards otherwise I was “SLUT SHAMING” him and “BIPHOBIC” for not consenting to these activities
  • Did the same to his most recent fiancée
  • Used suicide threats on me and other psychologically and emotionally abusive tactics to control me
  • Isolated me from my friends and family
  • Forced me to propose to him on a suicide threat (“If you don’t marry me as soon as your 18th birthday comes, I won’t have a reason to live because you don’t really love me then”)
  • Blamed me for all his issues
  • Berated me for mentioning any negative feelings I had, such as my anxiety disorder and depression
  • Sexually assaulted others while dating me
  • Described how he’d fuck others while he was forcing me to have sex with him
  • Caused me extreme physical pain for his own sexual pleasure against my will

Why don’t you report him to the police?

I did and the detective said that I should just drop it if his 2 other victims didn’t want to come out because the case was going to just be an hour of the defense calling me a whore. UPDATE: two other victims did come out and they’re still unwilling to continue the case because that’s not enough evidence to convict a white man

Threat level: High, keep him away from young teenagers especially.