Maximilian “Max” Carter

Location: Omaha, Nebraska EDIT- after being outed as a rapist in both Nebraska and Colorado, Max Carter has moved to New York to hopefully get ahold of new victims.

Target: College Girls

Methods: Uses his charisma and seeming level-headedness to get close to girls. They put down their guard, by either going to sleep or getting drunk, and that’s when he strikes

Abstract: Max Carter likes to boast that he got accepted to Harvard, he just never went. After a solid career toying with high schoolers with his pal Eric Epperson, the two parted ways after fighting over a particular conquest. While Eric continued his career into adulthood continuing to go after middle/high schoolers, Max set out with further ambitions- to be your stereotypical college rapist. After earning the trust of girls, he would place them in compromising positions to assault them. As those positions often involved alcohol, the victims were too scared of being charged with MIPs to follow through with a rape kit.


From a Facebook thread on his actions:

“He’s blocking everyone that talks about it.  He’s raped two other girls as well. He’s a disgusting prick. [He’s not in jail for it]  Because they didn’t go to the cops due to 1. he was underage when he raped one and 2. they were both very intoxicated and 3. who would want to go through all that for a most likely “not guilty”? “

A facebook post on one assault on his longtime friend:

“We had been cuddling in my bed, about to go to sleep, when I felt his hand grab my breast. I was startled, but I had just assumed it was a mistake, and he had just shifted around in his sleep.

Then he started to squeeze my breast, and I froze.

I didn’t scream and kick him.
I didn’t fight him.
I didn’t throw him out.

I froze. And he thought I was asleep.
And he moved his hand to my butt, and started to squeeze that too.
And then he moved his hand under my shirt.

When he squeezed my breast so hard it physically hurt me, I sat up.

But I didn’t scream and kick him, or fight him, or throw him out.

He said “Sorry.” and acted as though my movement woke him up.
I told him I couldn’t sleep in the bed with him, meaning for it to come out harsh and instead my voice shook and cracked.
He asked for a blanket and I gave him two, along with my favorite pillow that I can no longer look at.

When we woke up later that day, I let him buy me lunch. He used my printer, we went to get bubble tea and stopped at IKEA. I showed him some of my favorite spots in the mountains, and then he slept on my floor again.

And he knows about all of this. He knows what he’s done. He will see this status and know that it is about him.

He knows that earlier in the year that I’ve lived in Colorado, I had an ex boyfriend do the exact same thing to me.

What he doesn’t know is that I took a shower so hot, it burned my skin. I scrubbed and scratched myself for so long that I had started to bleed.”

Screenshots of testimonies from victims that are out



Threat level: High. Don’t let him get close to you.