Caleb “Cay” Combs

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Target: Teenage girls

Methods: coercion via guilting them into sleeping with him by providing them con swag and buying them items, also spikes drinks with alcohol to loosen him up.

Abstract: Caleb “Cay” Combs is a Midwestern convention runner who has been banned from reserving convention spaces and hosting room parties due to being notorious for spiking peoples’ drinks. Although he self-identifies as a sexual assault survivor ally,  once he is finished earning his “points” he turns around and affirms in an audience of men his ways. The vast majority of reports that have come in about Caleb Cay Combs have been submitted by men as a result of this: women only started coming forth once he was outed. To further prove his lack of genuine care for assault survivors, he consistently defends other predatory congoers like CJ Bergner, Ryan Kopf, and Robert Goodew.


From an anonymous source (with permission):

“Well, during the course of NerdCon, him and Solomon Kleinsmith and one of their other friends got 2 underage girls drunk, and then brought them back to their room and got them to do sexual favors for them while they were shitfaced in exchange for some free “con swag”. I had no idea it had happened until after the con, when someone said the name of one the girls in a conversation and he immediately started laughing and bragging about what they had done.”

Another source was close to Cay for some time, and noted this observation on his method:

“Cay does this thing where he lures girls in who are still in high school using art, promises, etc. He feeds on their nerdy and creative desires to become “friends”. During the course of the year of our friendship I personally witnessed him manipulate his way into sleeping with 4 or 5 different girls that could not have been more than the ages of 17/18 tops. This was all while he was “dating” [someone] too. I never had the heart to tell her and I wanted to. I hated myself for staying quiet but, honestly, Caleb seriously scares me. And I don’t scare easy- He’s just really powerful. So the entire year I knew him he was consistently sleeping with high school girls whenever his girlfriend wasn’t around. He gave me free stuff to keep quiet but… I can’t anymore. It feels disgusting to. When I saw him post about your page denying everything I almost threw up in my mouth and started crying and I knew I needed to finally say something”

Another source indicated this about why he was banned from hosting room parties at a convention:

“He preaches clean morals, but he’s given alcohol to minors and drugged said minors. I got a drink from the last nerdtron room party he hosted a few years back, asked for plain juice, ended up getting slipped something. He’s had far more than 4 victims and I know he targets minors.”

Danger: High, with a preference for minors. He is attempting to run Kanpai!Con in February with Ryan Kopf.