The original Con Creep list

For reference: Level 1: No current reported severe cases, but maybe not the best person to get in a car with alone. Level 2: 1 to 3 reports of outright sexual harassment (groping, public masturbation) or rape Level 3: 4+ reports of outright sexual harassment ***: targets children 17 and under while being 20 or over (or otherwise the half their age plus 7 years rule aka 18/2=9,+7=16 so 18 plus 16 is ok but 15 is inappropriate 50/2=25,+7=32 would be bottom appropriate age)

Facebooks linked when available. Felt it was too much formatting to find photos honestly (and those may be triggering to victims that didn’t expect to see them here).


OMAHA: Eric Epperson – Level 3*** – Abuser, corrective rapist, and date rapist. Has dated pre-teens and his current girlfriend is 15. Comes from a ridiculously cult-ish and enabling family (as in his mom and little sister assert he has a magic penis that can turn lesbians). He has been banned from non-convention events but not from Nebkon, which he frequents. More information can be found here.

Christopher Palmer AKA Dr. San Guinary – Level 2*** – Harasses trans women, harasses fat women, and dates 17 year olds. Somehow is allowed to host a kids’ show even though he has been banned from several events from sexualizing teenage girls.

CJ Bergner – Level 3*** – I know he’s famous and all but he has definitely earned this. He has at least 4 counts of physical assault filed against him with the Omaha police department, at least one sexual harassment filed in Kansas, and is legally banned and barred from House of Loom in Omaha.

Hollon Runyan AKA Mirsir Blu – Level 2 – Homestuck Cosplayer that has abused quite a few in the community Cody Travers – Level 1 – has been banned from multiple groups for being a /hardcore/ creep and harassing cosplayers into cosplaying his OC for him

Dylan “Silverdar” Mollenberndt – Level 2 – Mad Hatter cosplayer, abuser. He seems dainty and friendly but is a horrible manipulator. His best friend Wyll Andersen is physically violent and assists him in his threats.

Colton Birdsall – Level 3*** – Thor cosplayer with the heavy metal hammer. Fake humble- if told “no” employs violent behavior, threatening, and stalking. Was supposed to be banned from anime iowa but staff has neglected to act on the ban.

Alex Sheppard – Level 2 – Targets drunk girls, do not let him near drunk girls. Confirmed attempted rape but actions indicate has successfully raped others

Caleb Combs – Level 3*** – Spikes minors’ drinks, convinces them to sleep with him because he gave them booze, not allowed to host room parties anymore for spiking drinks

Ichabod Locust (Matt McKee) – Level 3 – White supremacist/Nazi and rapist. Wow, honestly

Max Carter – Level 2 – Longtime known con creep with confirmed rape victims. Affiliated with Eric Epperson as they both toyed with high school girls for fun. Raped an incredibly drunk girl and sexually assaulted a friend. Hangs out with a few other rapists on here, so my suspicion that he’s higher than just a level 2. Extremely dangerous, do not fall for the con-famous harvard-accepted gig.

Jeremia Anderes AKA Herosh Ie Montoya – Level 3*** – Targets 16-17 year olds at the age of 38. Abusive as hell. Was investigated for molesting children. I’m sorry, I misspoke. HE WAS INVESTIGATED FOR MOLESTING HIS OWN CHILDREN. If it’s not painfully obvious this man is despicable.

Robert Olson – Level 2 – Terribly manipulative and absolutely abusive man. Don’t ever feel lucky to be worthy of his attention.


LINCOLN: currently blank


OUTER NEBRASKA Casey Lawrence – Level 3 – Kearney – has sexually harassed queer women and trans men, including but not limited to public masturbation and groping. Casey Lawrence is a woman, for those insinuating nobody on this list is a woman.


Ryan Kopf– Level 3*** – He runs anime-zap anime zing and anime spark. There is literally an Encyclopedia Dramatica Listing for this guy.



Kelly “Boogie” Peterson – Level 2
Sid/Lyric Dickson – Level 3*** – last boyfriend was 14 and is physically abusive. Is bigender, goes by Sid as a guy and Lyric as a girl.
Kyle Dilly – Level 2 – tries to use being a “mime” stuff to be a creep on girls. He tries to get people to go to his room but he rarely succeeds. He will “mime” people against a wall and pin them there until someone asks what’s going on.Ian Caraher – Level 2 – Cosplays power rangers and deadpool.
KANSAS CITY: “Dark” aka Andrew – Level 3*** – takes underage girls to his hotel rooms and forces himself on them. Cosplays Princess Luna’s Knight.