“Dark”/”Andrew” aka Patrick Bruns

Location: Overland Park, Kansas / Kansas City, Missouri

Target: Young teenage girls

Methods: Acts very cutesy and prides himself on being a “gentleman” and a brony. Is highly sexually and physically abusive once he gets into relationships with young teens, and all his sexual exploits are of vastly inappropriate age.

Abstract: Known as Darkaito Bruns on facebook, Dark has been highly reported for being intensely abusive and creepy. He has also been incredibly violent and threatening to all that have come forth about being manipulated and raped by him. He is one that is very fond of suing as well as a tactic to intimidate his victims, who, again, are all much younger than him. He cosplays Dark, which is how he got his nickname, as well as Princess Luna’s Knight.


From an anonymous victim:

“A few years back at one convention he looked up my skirt and I guess he saw my underwear because he exclaimed  “PANTIES!” very loudly and embarrassed me. After that, I started keeping my distance and telling him I didn’t want to hang out. He disregarded my disinterest and would still come up and hug me from behind, making me really uncomfortable. It’s nothing horrible thank goodness but it’s still harassment. He even messaged me after the whole event saying I should be more careful in that cosplay if people can see my underwear because “not everyone would be a gentleman” like him. As if not raping someone on the spot and instead screaming “PANTIES!” makes someone a gentleman.”

Another statement has since been redacted as he found and attacked the victim. I have encouraged that victim to file a police report for sexual assault, abuse, and intimidating witnesses. If that summarizes what occurred…

Another source had this to add on his method at conventions, and many agreed:

“Takes underage girls to his hotel rooms and forces himself on them. He creeps around the cons and has gropes random cosplayers. Goes to Nebraskon and Kansas conventions in general”

Threat level: High, with a huge emphasis on pedophilia.