How To File A Police Report

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve either been a victim of sexual assault/rape or are currently being intimidated into being silent through either threats of lawsuit or threats of assault. Both of these cases are considered misdemeanors to felonies, depending on the state and the threats/actions. (The Statute for threatening a victim for coming out in Nebraska is 28-919 Tampering with a Witness) (The statute in Kansas is 21-5909 Intimidating a Witness) (The statute in Iowa is 720.4 Tampering with a Witness)(The statute in Missouri is 575.270.1 Tampering with a Witness or Victim)(The statute in Colorado is 18.8.704 Intimidating a Witness)

There are two ways to file a police report

You Can Call 911

Although calling 911 seems like a serious action, reporting crimes is the exact function of 911. The benefit of calling 911 is that they are able to send a police officer to your house to review all the evidence available immediately. If you have just been raped, this is especially effective as they will know what to do.

When you call 911. you will first be asked “Fire, Police, or Ambulance?”. Indicate police.

They will ask for your current location. Give them the address to where you are able to be found.

They will indicate, if you are not currently in immediate danger, that they can direct you to the telephone reporting line. If you are black or otherwise nervous of being around physical police officers, you can use the telephone reporting line to file a report. If you would feel more comfortable having an officer come to take your report, indicate that you would prefer an officer come to you. If you are currently in immediate danger or have just been assaulted, they will send a police officer. Bear that in mind if you are nervous of police.

They will need as much information as you can give on the events and perpetrators. Race, identifying marks, facebooks, addresses, phone numbers, whatever you can give them. Indicate you need to speak to a detective on the case so that they follow up.

Don’t be afraid of your presentation at time of reporting. According to the Omaha Police Department, an officer will not arrest someone attempting to provide evidence for a rape with other crimes such as Public Intoxication and Minor In Possession. They will prioritize getting the rape kit done over anything else.

You Can Call the Non-Emergency Line

Non-emergency lines are a great resource for those nervous about using 911. However, do note that it may take quite some time to hear a reply back from a non-emergency line when you leave a message.

Non-emergency lines in the Midwest


  • State Patrol: 402.471.4545
  • Omaha Police Department: 402.444.5600
  • Omaha Police Telephone Response Squad (TRS): 402.444.4877
  • Lincoln Police Department’s Anonymous Sexual Assault Line: 402.441.3866
  • Lincoln Police Department: 402.441.3866