Ryan Kopf

Location: Iowa

Target: Teenage girls and young adults

Methods: Grabs girls at cons to rape them in hotel rooms

Abstract: Ryan Kopf is an absolutely notorious rapist, with multiple sexual assaults on his file. Caleb Combs works with him to run Kanpai!Con. One google search can show you how horrible he is, but for the lazy the results are being compiled here. He’s gonna try to sue over this. He somehow manages to reply to every post about how much of a narcissistic tool he is that he is “NOT A RAPIST, HIS WEBSITE EVEN SAYS SO”


Some of the rape charges against him:



From a website he sued:

“Recent allegations Ryan Kopf, who runs “Chrono, LC” (the company behind the conventions Anime Zap, QC Anime-zing!, Anime-SPARK!, AniMinneapolis, Meta Con, Domo Con, and Anime Midwest), committed rape during a convention he was running this May have led some to demand a boycott of his events.

I talked about this the other day in my blog, and the police report that has surfaced is both a genuine document and a disturbing read. The part that most convinced me was the detailed list of photographed injuries on thethird page. When you combine that with at least one exgirlfriend of Mr. Kopf coming forward saying that he was abusive during their relationship as well, it paints a fairly damning picture. (Read more on their blog, linked above)”

A tumblr user’s account (whom he also sued):

This is Ryan Kopf. He is the head of multiple anime conventions under the company name Chrono, LLC. This includes Anime Zap, Anime-zing!, Anime-SPARK!, AniMinneapolis, Meta Con, Domo Con, and Anime Midwest. In addition to being shady, underhanded, and a jerk in general, he is also a confirmed rapist. Attached is the actual police report, documenting the incident.

I urge you to raise awareness in any way you can. Forward this. Post its contents to Facebook, Tumblr, or whatever you use. The number of staff resigning from service of Chrono, LLC is already exponential, with one key demand for their return: Ryan Kopf must be removed from his position of power. Even guests have backed out, upon gaining the knowledge of Ryan’s reputation.

Ryan has gone to extreme lengths to cover this rape case up, even blacklisting people from his conventions for bringing it up. These are not the actions of an innocent man. These are the actions of someone who is trying desperately to hide something.

He cannot stop knowledge from spreading. He cannot stop awareness from bring raised. He cannot stop the future.

You— We— The people, whether you’re a con-goer or just someone who detests rapists, can make a difference. But only if we act. Now.

I need to add this.

THIS is why I’ve been ill for WEEKS about people going to AniMinneapolis.

Because in my head, I 100% believe he did this because I have worked with him and have seen how he acts


Nothing has been taken to court and convicted, so LEGALLY he hasn’t done anything.

But it IS my opinion that he DEFINITELY has done something, no one can sue me for my opinion.

I have been told I am allowed to talk about it and reblog this, but I cannot say that he is LEGALLY a rapist. I can only say that within my own opinions and say he is ALLEGEDLY a rapist.

This isn’t the first time he’s been accused of rape. Shortly after this came to light, I had a friend inquire about the situation, and I explained, bare-bones. She asked for a name, and once she heard it, she said, with utmost confidence, “That’s the guy that raped my friend at Otakon.” This really isn’t his first rodeo.

EDIT: I apologize, the convention was Ohayocon, I wrote down the wrong convention.


An Encyclopedia Dramatica article devoted to him:

In 2013, a police report was filed against Ryan for rape. He has started blacklisting people from his conventions for even bringing it up. He has gone through extreme lengths to cover it up. These are not the actions of an innocent man.

The rape charge can be found here:

[All redacted]

This isn’t Ryan’s first rodeo. Go to the Iowa Courts Online Search and search under Trial Court for his name. As for 2014, you’ll find FIVE SEPARATE CASES involving him. What sort of innocent man gets brought to court five separate times?

Cease and Desist

On July 1, 2013, the guy from The Life of the Traegorn posted “Why I Won’t Go To A Ryan Kopf Run Convention on his personal blog.

Three months later, drawing more attention to his rape charge, Ryan sent a cease and desist letter. …not that it does anything because anyone can post any public records. Fuck off, Ryan.

Court Cases

Look in the Iowa Trial Court Search and you’ll see case ID 07821 CVCV294343. It’s titled “RYAN KOPF V UNNAMED USER OF THE FLUFFYSPARKLES ACC” which was filed in early 2015. He’s apparently suing a Tumblr user who posted facts about his rape case.

There’s also a 2010 case where he sued Elise D. Carroll, who was apparently on Open Source University Meetup with him at Iowa OSUM. I wonder what that was about. Boy, he loves to sue! He probably thought she looked at him funny once. …or maybe he sued her after she sued him (since there’s another earlier case between the two of them.)

Sex Offender Pal

In late 2014, it became known that one of Ryan’s Animecon.org and AniMinneapolis staffers, Robert Goodew (more like “Good? EWWW!”) was convicted in 2010 of being a predatory sex offender for sexual contact with a 12 year old boy. Cay Combs from Animecon.org (who was apparently also posting as “Molly Blue”) claims they didn’t know and everything was hunky-dory. …but given Ryan’s history, this surprises nobody that a character like this was on his staff.

From an anonymous e-mail

“I just wanted to say thank you for making this site and keep it up! Ryan Kopf had attempted to rape my girlfriend when she was sleeping in her room that she had to share with him since she was volunteering for one of his conventions a year or two ago. He is a complete scumbag and i’m glad you are delivering justice by putting people like him in the spotlight.”

Threat level: He will rape you, and then he will sue you. Boycott Kanpai!Con

Donate here to help the journalists he’s suing for a second time. He lost the first lawsuit, so he’s suing them AGAIN.