Christopher Palmer

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Target: Later teenage girls and 20-year-olds. He’s around 50.

Methods: He is highly abusive to female members of his cast and hosts modeling competitions to sexualize teenage women. He consistently degrades fat and transgender women.

Abstract: Christopher Palmer is the new Dr. San Guinary, not to be confused at all with the original host of the title. He employs Eric Epperson as well as Moose Epperson, Eric’s father, and all three of them attempt to silence any harassment that happens on set. Many former cast members are still terrified of coming out, as he sends out his current cast to harass them and alienate them if they report anything he’s done. He additionally has been known for dating women significantly younger than him, to the point that one of his girfriends he could only come out about dating on the day she turned 18. He continues to attempt to promote his failing show at all venues, despite the fact that he has been banned from venues such as the Zombie Walk for his inappropriate behavior with young women.


One ex-employee:

“I was on that show for [redacted], quit because Chris did things like refer to our manager (a transwoman) as “it”, constantly insult everyone’s weight, and he was 45 at the time and dating a girl that had turned 18 just a few days prior. In public, all fans or contacts we met thought she was his daughter. He is beyond disgusting.”

The transgender ex-employee mentioned these details as well

“Yeah chris tried getting me to lay on table and ask for my sex change on an episode. He likes to exploit people with unique situations. Kinda like implying a freakshow of sorts. When he dated Anna [the his underage ex] it was most likely because she was a little person.”

Here is a quote from him about how he views transgender people

“I have had a PERSONAL, and I repeat, PERSONAL grudge with a former cast member for 4 years… This person is of a “lifestyle” that I personally do not buy into. I have deep regrets allowing them access to areas that were for female staff members only, since I was unaware their sexual preference was still geared towards FEMALES. That ended up being a big no in my book. Unacceptable…  This person recently posted an internal note I made to the group (that they mysteriously were able to get hold of) where I “call them names”. Sticks and stones, people. I will state that I have some far more creative names I would love to share. You do not know the half of it, and it is not my place to share any more than I have here. I have no issues with anyone of any color, race, creed or sexual orientation… but I do have an issue with this INDIVIDUAL…  The TV program appeals to a wide variety of people. One of my best and favorite blood donors is gay. I know several lesbian couples that support us at our events. Yes, we even have some folks within the cast and crew who live “alternative lifestyles” that do not hamper what we do.”

Here is a copy of his text messages when he was harassing a now former cast member for coming out about being assaulted. You will see how he treats his coworkers and how he freely uses slurs to refer to a transgender ex-coworker (the “calling them names” he referred to earlier)




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Moose, Eric’s father and San Guinary’s coworker, also encouraged silence about sexual assaults that happened

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This is some public responses to his posts surrounding this incident

“Soooooo… Because someone didn’t report sexual harassment in the way YOU wanted, it isn’t relevant or of importance? And it shouldn’t be taken more seriously than protecting your precious sponsor? That’s the message you’re willing to put out to the public?!??

Your show is more important than the safety of the volunteers that make it what it is. Gotcha.”

” What is hilarious is that you would love for people to think the entire problem was the sexual harassment. But it’s actually how you threatened your cast member after you learned about it. I can see your misdirection and it’s not working. Shame”

“To put it another way, when someone is sexually harassed / assaulted, it creates a flood of emotions and responses.

You have no business forming judgement on how someone chooses to respond to being the victim of such harassment.

Your comments are the worst kind of victim blaming.

Support is the ONLY justifiable response. NOT trying to cover your own ass.”

“”David Trannypants Shannon”? What? Is this still 2016 or did we fall through the rabbit hole back to when this was appropriate language?”

” Yeah, there are actually a lot of people out here in the real world who are of that “lifestyle” that you “don’t buy into”. I don’t know you personally, I am merely a fan of the original San Guinary and horror hosts who had supported the San Guinary revival because I thought it was cool, and I’m shocked to see anybody with these kinds of stone age prejudices has an actual TV project or even a job of any kind, let alone in the arts, in a decent-sized city in 2016. You don’t get a vote in people’s so-called “lifestyles” and that kind of bigotry and namecalling is not acceptable in any industry or fandom in this day and age… if you had a genuine issue with a person’s work, or even a personal grudge about something, maybe you can explain how that somehow translates into attacking that person’s gender/sexuality/identity. Doesn’t sound very work related or professional to me. As a kid who grew up in Omaha and a longtime fan of (the original) San Guinary I’m just glad to know he never espoused the kind of hateful BS I’m seeing in this screed. Also, just, you know, FYI, language like “alternative lifestyles” and “some of my best friends are gay” are the kind of antiquated bigoted comments somebody would have used 30 or 40 years ago. If you’re gonna try and pass yourself off as “not a bigot” you’d better buy a more current thesaurus. And yes, I am facebook friends with the person you attacked, although we’ve never met. She seems pretty cool. What you’ve done here does not.”

“I’m a former cast member. People joined the show because it was a good way to fulfill our passion of performing and to do some good for the community. It’s disappointing to see the way this is being handled and turned into personal, deeply hurtful attacks. Amanda does not deserve to be treated this way, to have this said about her. The family image that the group has been trying to portray is kind of shattered by this. Not trying to involve myself in the drama, just my two cents.”

This is the Zombie Walk’s response to his hosting of a Zombikini contest with them


A former cast member responding to this mesage:

“San Guinary operates in an abusive manner. He steamrolls over people, and he seems to just bully his way in there from the sound of it.”

Threat level: best not to work on his show or support it