Miscellaneous Dangers in the Community

Cody Travers

Cody Travers has been noted to display three particular traits that have been considered troubling: A distaste for the answer “no”, persistence beyond reason, and entitlement to whatever he asks of others. Going as far to stalk one cosplayer to ask her to cosplay his sexy Original Character, Cody Travers was additionally banned from attending a monthly hookah session for making all cosplayers involved feel uncomfortable. This particular ban was due to his consistent harassment to perform “shotgunning”, a very intimate smoke trick that only good friends and lovers at the table were performing together. Thankfully, Cody Travers is not quite an influential member in the community like CJ and crew, but he has attempted to also get people banned from cons for telling him he is no longer allowed to harass female cosplayers. His attempts to ban have not been met with much luck. All in all, it may be best not to give him your address or phone number.

Mirsir Blu, AKA Hollon Runyan

Hollon achieved particular notoriety in the homestuck cosplaying circles for how he treated those he was romantically involved with. He was witnessed by many at his high school twisting the wrist of his fiancée and throwing them to the ground, and they have attested that he was severely abusive throughout the course of their relationship and later engagement. Even Eric Epperson attested to Hollon’s abusive behavior, although he then went on to say he was somehow better.

Dylan Moellenberndt

Although this Mad Hatter cosplayer appears to be quite the cheery gentleman, he is genuinely far from the facade. He considered his ex to be “abusive” for saying no to sex, for one. His ex can testify, however, that he was quite the proponent of sexual and emotional abuse in their relationship. To boot, after his ex-roommate asked him to stop making rape jokes around them, as they themselves were a victim of the crime, he suddenly snapped, threatening to not only kill them, but drive to another state to stab their boyfriend. His best friend, Wyll Anderson, attempted to help in this rather spontaneous outburst of violence. The two of them try to play the role of happy-go-lucky theater students, but have genuinely terrifying anger issues.

Jeremia Anderes AKA Herosh Ie Montoya

Targets 16-17 year olds at the age of 38. Abused his ex-wife. Was investigated for molesting his own children.HE WAS INVESTIGATED FOR MOLESTING HIS OWN CHILDREN. Mostly gets around through facebook harassment of minors.

Percy Bush

Frequents cons, targets actual children. Here’s the link.