About & FAQ

This is a site dedicated to providing all of the reports of sexual assault at cons that have largely attempted to be silenced. Here’s some Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can’t you get sued for libel?
    • Firstly, all that could be derived from suing any of the admins would be some pocket lint. And it’s not like Donald Trump is suing us or anything. Lawyers are expensive.
    • Secondly, no falsehoods are being described. All individuals here have been reported for these items to various conventions and police forces. There are multiple sources on each entry
    • Additionally, this is in the interest of public safety. Contrary to popular opinion, outing rapists actually costs more than you can receive. We stand to have no political benefit from this. We just get to keep children from being raped.
    • Finally, attempting to dissuade people from filing a police report using intimidation is actually a felony. Repeatedly trying to take people to civil court might just be more against them in criminal court.
  2. Isn’t this just as bad as raping people?
    • Hm, let me think on that… no. Violating people, ripping them of their bodily integrity, and bestowing them with trauma disorder followed by intimidating them into silence is vastly different than outing predators. One is a horrible thing to go through. The other is what a sex offender registry does.
  3. Isn’t this a violation of free speech?
  4. This isn’t respectful!/Feminazi!/Bitch!/Cunt!/I will end you!/I will kill you!
    • I’ve been working with the police department filing charges against the people sending death threats. Unlike posting information on sexual predators, threatening to kill people is a crime.
    • There’s been far more threats against the transgender admin for being transgender than there has been solid evidence against any of these claims. I feel that the fact that a party must threaten to commit a hate crime in order to prove their side is indicative of their wrongdoing.
  5. Where’s the evidence?
    • This question would typically translate to, in a perfect world, “what has this person done wrong, and how many witnesses are there to this behavior?”. It may even mean “Are there any charges that have been filed against this person?” Unfortunately, it typically means “I would still call a video of one of these people raping someone behind a dumpster with a full rape kit analysis faked”
    • For those that actually care, the anonymous testimonies are highlights of multiple sources. If you don’t take them into consideration, fine. But it’s your own safety you’re jeopardizing if you choose to be in a hotel room with one of them knowing this information. This isn’t to get these people jailed, per se. It would be lovely if this movement encouraged victims to, with the support of the community, file against their perpetrators. But it would be even better if there were just no more victims at all.
    • All testimonies are screened for signs of potential bitterness. Posting entries is reserved for when there is enough information to form a concrete listing. You are not viewing the bitterness of an ex-girlfriend. You are reading a testimony screened by someone whose special interest is abuser psychology. If you’re interested in learning how to spot manipulators, the work of Lundy Bancroft is a fantastic entry point.